10 Best Upcoming Indie Games To Keep On Your Checklist


Looking through these upcoming indie games is overwhelming!

There are many interesting, mysterious, and gorgeous games to watch. Each game is equally ambitious in meeting its goal.



The game Raptor Boyfriend developed by Rocket Adrift, is A High School Romance. The game is all about a shy, awkward teenager looking for love in the 1990s. It’s a dating simulator and visual novel game. In this game, the players or the main character Stella make friends with many cryptid teens who are a fairy, a talking velociraptor, and a bigfoot. The game looks like a 90’s teen drama, and it’s got everything from dramatic phone calls, make-out sessions, and recording tapes. The art style looks incredible, too.



Saturnalia is a fashionable survival horror game issued by the Epic Games Store in 2021. The gameplay takes place in Sardinia, Italy, in 1989, in an old village with a bizarre ritual, and people disappear each year. However, what stands out most is Saturnalia’s art style. You haven’t seen anything like it!


As you may have guessed, the gameplay takes place within a dream. It’s a roleplaying adventure game. This indie game has a surrealist vibe with the perfect setting for a bad dream. Likewise, the music, composed by Mimi Page, is excellent. She Dreams Elsewhere will release on Mac, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles in 2021.


Canadian developer KO_OP is developing Goodbye Volcano Height. It is a narrative game about some high school-aged dinosaurs. They’re figuring out life with graduation approaching. The game is designed as a cinematic game all about the end of an era and the beginning of a love story. Goodbye Volcano High is getting released on PlayStation 4 & 5 and Windows PC in 2021.


5.    SEASON

This game was announced at the Game Awards 2020, and developer Scavengers Studio developed it. It was one of the exceptional games from the awards night. The game features a woman accumulating memories of a beautiful, mysterious world. The game is coming in 2021.


Sure, we’ve got an enormous cyberpunk video game out at the end of 2020. But there is more extra to the genre, and you can witness that in Chinatown Detective Agency. The gameplay takes place in 2032 in a stylish and modern Singapore. The game is created by Singapore-based developer General Interactive Co. and looks like an exciting future and it’s coming in 2021.

7.    VENBA

From developer Visai Games, Venba is a “narrative cooking game” set in 1980s Canada. The game focuses on an Indian mother, with gamers tasked with cooking and retrieving lost recipes. It’s a story about a family filled with love and much more. This indie games trailer looks incredible, and the game will be out this year.


The game Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 held me off for a while, but the skateboarding game I’m looking forward to is SkateBird, from developer Glass Bottom Games. Birds on skateboards! Birds! On! Skateboards! You can checklist the game on Steam now. The game is getting released on Nintendo Switch and others consoles.


From developer BOBBY, Chaotic Era looks super ultra-modern. It is a black-and-white interstellar, real-time strategy game. The developer mentioned that player will take on the role of a hyper-advanced AI system created by one of humanity’s most significant (and now extinct) megacorporations. You should land Earth’s last escape ship on a new world and rebuild human civilization from the ground up in the game. It’s coming to Apple iOS devices.



Developer Might and Delight developed the game. They describe Book of Travels as a “unique social roleplaying adventure that doesn’t hold your hand.” It’s designed in a fairytale world that’s open for exploration,” where the player creates their journey. It’s curious to see how the multiplayer factors play out when this gets released for Windows PC this year.



The one word to describe Dordogne is stunning. The game has a fantastic watercolor style that anyone will instantly draw to. According to the Steam page, this narrative adventure game has the player engaging in her childhood memories to solve puzzles. Of course, the gameplay is in the present, and the past, but both worlds look gorgeous. It was released for Windows PC in 2021.


The character in the game, Teacup is a very shy frog. But, the whimsical world is filled with other animals to meet and plenty of puzzles to solve. It has an incredible aesthetic, highlighting the wholesome journey of discovering herbs to make tea.


Apart from these, there are many indie games which also include Co-Op Games, to look forward to.

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