7 Best Simulator Games Of All Time


Simulator games are a massive genre in which games are designed to simulate a world into games to mind-boggling details. These games are lately gaining popularity as most other genres are not delivering what gamers expect from them.

Let’s dive into the list.


1.      The Sims 4


Sims is the legendary game that gave birth to this genre. To put it simply, it is a life simulation game. There is no main objective or goal to accomplish in the game. Instead of fulfilling purposes, the players are encouraged to make choices and engage fully in an interactive environment. The gameplay is about the simulated worlds of virtual people called Sims. The player can direct their actions, attend to their needs, and helping them to attain their desires. Players can play with pre-existing sims and families or build their own. They can keep their Sims in pre-constructed houses or construct their residences using the in-game construction tools, then enhance the homes with articles of an in-game inventory, as many of us are familiar with the sim series. It is the oldest and most remarkable of all simulators too this day.


2.      Microsoft Flight Simulator 


In this game, you can pilot airplanes and fly anywhere in the world. The entire planet is mapped and modeled, ready to be passed across from tens of thousands of airports. Being a Microsoft game, it simulates the whole earth using textures and data from bing maps. You can fly to every single airport in the world, to all 37000 of them. To pull off this feat, the studio uses a combination of bing satellite imaging and a lot of manual work. On top of seeing other players in the world, the Microsoft flight simulator will simulate real daily air traffic across the globe. You can also choose to filter out. Non-realistic pilots in multiplayer clouds throw shadows above the landscape below. The game has the best graphics and detailing ever seen across any game on the platform.


3.      Cities Skylines 


It’s a single-player open-ended city-building simulator games. Player involves in city planning by controlling taxation, zoning, road placement, public transportation and, public services. Starting with a plan of land equal to a two-by-two-kilometer site along with a crossing exit from a nearby roadway, as well as an opening amount of in-game currency. Players then maintain several city elements, including its budget, employment, health, and pollution levels. Next, players can add roads, residential, industrial, and commercial zones. Also, players can add essential services like power, water, and sewage to encourage residents to move in and supply them with jobs. Players can also manage a city in a sandbox mode which gives more artistic freedom for the player.


4.      Farming Simulator 19


It’s a farming simulation video game where the players take on the role of a farmer. The player’s tasks vary from expanding and upgrading old equipment and machinery by reaping crops and selling them. The players are free to search the surrounding areas of the map, grow from selecting several crops, and spend their money on new fields and equipment. The players can also take up the responsibility of raising livestock or earn an income from forestry. In farming simulator 19, some new features include horse farming, a redesigned graphics engine, and cotton and crops. The game also features John Deere machinery for the first time, the Komatsu Rao Wilson trailer, and more.


5.      Railway Empire 


It’s a rail tycoon simulator games that takes place in the United States between 1830 to 1930. You can build an extensive network of railway lines and buy various locomotives to serve cities and industries. Growing cities in the process and hire railway staff for both train operations and office jobs, all with unique bonuses and character types. You can also unlock innovations such as new locomotives or bonuses to revenue. The game has five primary modes: campaign mode, scenario mode, free mode, sandbox mode, and challenge mode. The campaign mode essentially takes the player into building the first transcontinental railroad, a mission-based aro und the American civil war. In this mode, the player needs to fulfill tasks while competing with AI-controlled competitors.


6.      Kerbal Space Program 


It is a space flight simulator games. Players direct a space program staffed and crewed by green humanoid aliens known as Kerbals, who built a spaceport called the Kerbal Space Center or KSC on their home planet, Kerbin. The game highlights a realistic orbital physics engine allowing for multiple real-life orbital movements. Players can create aircraft, rockets, rovers, space planes, and other crafts from this space center’s given set of components. Once built, the ship launched by players from the KSC launch pad or runway. In a struggle to complete player set or in-game guided missions while avoiding partial or catastrophic failure.


7.      Two Point Hospital 


It’s a business simulation game in which players take on the position of a hospital manager directed with constructing and maintaining hospital tasks that incorporate building rooms and facilities that comfort patients and staff. Thus expanding the hospital into new plots, you can hire doctors, nurses, janitors, and assistants. Players can manage several hospitals, each with its layout and objectives. The game features unique comical conditions such as having a light bulb for a head, lightheadedness, having a pan on one’s head, pandemic. Freddie Mercury Impersonators are mock star patients and animal magnetism, having animals fastened to the patient’s body. When patients die, they sometimes become ghosts, disturbing the hospital by threatening patients and staff.


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