An Action Loving Game: Mega City Police: Prelude

Kick up your skills with action-based games!

With this hope to enjoy playing any game due to its visual effects and sound quality that attract gamers so soon may disappoint them because the thing that seems appealing is not always good from inside. Thus, playing the newly released game on the basis of its review will help to avoid the wastage of time and also enable gamers to go for the right decision of investing time on which games. 

 But if we talk about this action genre game, Mega City Police: Prelude is a game with very positive review position in the market due to its animation and concept. 

 Moreover, this game is available on Steam which is all free, so without wasting any time, let’s take deep dive into it.





What is there in the Mega City Police: Prelude

Without any doubt, it is pretty obvious that action-based games always attract game lovers greatly and moreover, if it is present in the retro form, then this will gonna shoot their excitement to go for playing that. Likewise, this game, Mega City Police: Prelude, is a complete package of action and a “Retrowave Skill-Based Action Roguelike.” 

The game is developed by Undreamed Games and published by Ravenage Games. If we move towards the plot of the game, we will discover that crime is getting uncontrollable in the city, and the streets are so unhygienic. And you will notice criminals and psychopaths everywhere who are ready to cut anybody’s throat portion. There is a corrupt megacorporation that takes the command of the life out of the citizens and wants to accomplish a strong and dominating control over the whole city. 

In front of them, there are just the incorruptible police officers of Mega City Police Department that can stand against the crime team that already rules the city and threatens to broaden society.

At the core part of this action-filled game you have to choose your cop and get into the brutal battle against the criminals and ruthless bosses to resolve the issue of the beast of justice in the darkest points of the city.

All these facts about the game will stimulate action game players greatly and compel them to go for playing. In addition, this game is designed in an old-fashioned manner and is free of cost, so the maximum crowd can go for this impressive and entertaining game to play and enjoy limitless fun with extreme craziness. 





It’s time to give a final thought to the newly released game Mega City Police: Prelude, which is a skill-based action game that elevates the thrill of gamers, and its captivating retro designs quickly grab the players’ attention, making them engaged to it for a long time. At its best, playing the role of Cop and securing the city from criminals and their terror is the main plot of this game. So, just go and play this outstanding and engrossing game which is available on Steam for free.

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