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The online gaming craze is getting tremendously outspread these days like wildfire, which seems to be endless. But playing games only on the gaming system is not possible all the time, and sometimes this makes people bored as well. Thus, exploring the best casual games, such as Candy Crush Saga, Godus, Cut Drop Strike, Cats are Cute, etc., which are available on Android, will kick off your fun and entertainment at anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the most exciting thing about these casual games is that some can be played for free only by registering to their application and, thereafter, enjoy playing them with higher amusement.


Know how the top casual games for Android are ruling the hearts?

If we look at the most demanding video games we will find the enumeration of the best PC consoles and other gaming systems that elevate the excitement of game lovers and obviously in front of them Android games seem less captivating. Still, exploring the casual games will exhilarate your gaming passion and make you more engrossed.

To make you more aware of new released casual games on Android, let’s talk about a few of them, which are as follows;


Cats are Cute: The game is offered by kkiruk studio GAMES, in which you are able to watch the cute cats playing that will squeeze out all your stress and give you fantastic fun. Inside the game, what you have to perform is a collection of different kinds of cats and make your own town where cats are supposed to play around you, leading to feel you more relaxed as the Cats are Cute! The game is available on Google Play Store, make a quick move to gladden yourself.


Cut Drop StrikeAnother big shout-out goes to Cut Drop Strike. The most fun-loving, physic-based  and entertaining game of this year by Aavega Interactive is already started to steal the hearts of people today. The game is all about cutting the ropes, and  allowing the balls or watermelons  to scatter the objects. The interesting part is to collect all three stars and moving to the next level. The Aavega team has done an excellent job in developing the game that honors and compliments the physics theory. To experience the fun of the next level, switch to play this amazing game. Play the game now on your smart phone


 The Battle Cats: Undoubtedly, if I say this game as the most striking game of this year, then no issue with the different plot of the Cats army offered by PONOS Corporation. In the game, there is a massive weird cats army taking over the world, and the crazy cats run in an uncontrolled manner. You have to plump for one army of weird kitties and make an insuppressible feline force. Then, tap the cat which you wish to go for the battle that will  completely harm the enemy before they target you. If any danger seems then turn on the Cat cannon to defend. You will definitely enjoy this fascinating game with enthusiasm and thrilling actions.


Godus: The magnificent and awesome game with such a distinctive plot of ruling a live and most adorable world you have in your hands with all your powers as almighty. The game is offered by 22cans having a great and engrossing concept.




Dungeons of Dreadrock: Explore the immensely designed puzzle game full of adventure and kicking skills. The game is based on the 1980s home computers of RPG games, which is quite captivating. Well, this game offered by Christoph Minnameier also contains some sort of thrills and actions, but the prime genre is puzzle featured only.



Townscaper: Start off your creativity by building the quaint island and alluring architecture in the game known as Townscaper offered by Raw Fury. The hi-tech graphics and concept of building houses draw a fascinating city on the supports. Without any goal or gameplay, only with your art and skills of creating an astonishing place by building blocks you can enjoy this imaginative game with complete engagement.



Monument Valley 2: Wander the world, having beautifully designed monuments, and be delighted by experiencing another part of the award-winning game, i.e., Monument Valley, offered by ustwo games. The game is about a mother and her child who require guidance to track down pathways that are illusionary based and resolve the diverting puzzles. To explore the greatest fun with the best graphics, you can easily go for this standalone adventure which is entirely new from the previous one.




Wrap up with pleasing thoughts about the best casual games on Android that can quickly attract gamers’ focus and stimulate them to get involved in playing such exciting games to experience the engrossment of a higher level.

In addition, these striking games and top casual games for Android not only gear up the joy of gamers but also hike up their passion for playing fun-loving games online.

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