Best games made with Unity and Unreal Engine of 2024

Cherish this year with some crazy upcoming games!

With the start of the new year, gamers keep their eye on the most awaited games to get released. More than that, gamers are ready to pay high amounts for some cut-to-edge games that are usually made with Unity or Unreal Engine to purchase and explore them as soon as they are launched on the market. More importantly, the games are greatly designed in such a way that quickly steals anyone’s attention.

However, not every game match game lovers’ tastes, but yes, many potential games scale up their gaming mania to the next level.

Without a doubt, Unity and Unreal Engines are considered the most favorable tools for creating any top-notch game that will boom in the gaming market with their mind blowing graphics and actions involved.

In addition, we have enlisted the best upcoming games made with Unity and Unreal Engine that look pretty captivating and engrossing that will definitely heighten up gamers’ mania that they cannot resist to go for playing these games that are discussed below, so bucket list your gaming entertainment, and let’s explore them.




Take notice at the best upcoming Unity and Unreal engine games of 2024

For those who are more inclined towards gaming and playing newly released games, set the stage for boundless fun with the top upcoming Unity and Unreal Engine games of 2024. Moreover, you will be thrilled to explore these amazing games on Steam as they will soon be available there and are discussed below, so without spending much time, let’s have a quick look at them;

Some Unity-made game engines of 2024:


  • FEROCIOUS: In this game, the core adventure starts after a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean, where the player gets to know the shores of a lethal island. Being a single survivor among all, the player has to drag dangerous encounters with pre-existing characters and a force of mercenaries. The goal is to unveil the mysterious facts within this challenging landscape where the player has to compete.


  • LOW-FI:  This is another thrill-filled game with lots of fun and entertainment. The name “low-fi” is a street word that is used for those who are unable to unite with plain, which is versatile in nature, requiring many people to live. LOW-Fi is a very new game created especially for VR to enhance player’s experience. The player is a police officer who is being transferred to a specific crime control section of city block 303.


  • SAND: SAND is another excellent PVPVE game where the player can experience the vast fallen planet of Sophie. The player has to create grand tramplers to conquer this unfriendly atmosphere, filled with spiritual irregularities, monuments, and many players as well. As a player, you need to figure out what is held in this fallen land when ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


  • Road to Vostok: Road to Vostok is a cut-to-edge single-player game that fights for survival and is set in a post-disastrous border area between Finland and Russia. You have to survive, loot, make plans, and get ready to cross the border zone and then enter the Vostok.


  • Cut Drop Strike: Another incredible gaming creation with a puzzle-based genre that enhances the amusement of players along with their brain activity. The game has been upgraded to a very new and exciting level and is available on Google PlayStore. Also, the game had achieved a Teacher’s Approved badge due to its efficient gaming puzzles to be solved.



Some Unreal Engine made games of 2024:


  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl: Unlock the wide Chornobyl Exclusion Zone filled with lethal enemies and high-powered artifacts. As a player, you must create your own great story as you have to graft the path to the Heart of Chornobyl. Get ready to face dangerous modified and mutated creatures that will try to attack and kill you through various behavior models. Moving ahead in the game will impart different behaviors of each mutated creature that may become unpredictable at some point. The most dangerous regions will show the maximum number of mutants wandering in search of food.


  • Kingdom Hearts IV: Another action-role-playing game with crazy visuals and super activities is here. It is an outstanding game that will be heading in the upcoming days on various gaming platforms. Moreover, it is the fifteenth edition of the game, comprised of various new features and characters that will stimulate your thrill. The developer and publisher of this game is Square Enix Creative Business Unit I.


  • Dreamhouse: The Game: Head up with exciting games where creativity leads and makes you win. As a player, you have to target and be careful with the essential details required to complete the creation of the building. The task sounds pretty simple and easy, but with a practical approach, it’s a tremendously tedious job, as the player should make some notable decisions that may affect the processing of the building creation. Inside the game, as a beginner-level player, you are driven like an engineer who wishes to earn some money to construct your dream house and then for himself as well. You have to deal with the company from the initial level and accept the standard orders regarding the renovation of a ruined house, an underdeveloped mass area that needs leveling, the unearthing of house foundations, or the building of a small hut in the forest up to an authentic land on a sandy beach. So, explore this mind blowing and amazing game with great cognitive skills making your brain sharpen and creative enough to think.


  • Mahakavya: Chronicles of Vamshas: It is an excellent gaming creation by Aavega Interactive that seems hyper-engrossing and superlatively thrilling. The visuals and graphics of the game are far beyond imagination, and thus, it will augment great entertainment in your gaming list. Immerse yourself in a symphony of pixels and possibilities, where your choices compose the very notes of destiny. Swing by and let the jazzy vibes of Mahakavya wash over you like a saxophone solo under the dazzling lights of gameplay. With every move you make, the game board transforms into a canvas of opportunity, waiting for your strategic brushstrokes.


  • Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn: It is an action role-playing video game that includes a third-person perspective. Inside the game, as a player, you should assume and show control of Nor Vanek, who is a member of a union and is the only savior of mankind from disappearing by waging a war against the old Gods. In Flintlock, the player is allowed to use specific weapons and flintlock firearms to counter enemies, even after the shortage of the bullet supply. Must explore this interesting and engaging game that is soon coming to your way.


  • Pacific Drive: The Pacific Drive is an upcoming action survival genre game developed by Ironwood Studios and published by Kepler Interactive. Inside the game, there is a set of Pacific Northwest, which is traveled and explored by the player on foot in order to find a way to escape and survive. Moreover, the game is all about the first-person perspective, that is, the player should try to avoid metal demons that come onto their car, and the most exciting thing is the vehicles are repaired and designed at the player’s garage. The game sounds pretty interesting and engaging that will be soon going to blast the block and achieve the greatest success in the upcoming days.


These games are markedly amazing and pretty captivating as well that pop-up the gaming enthu of users and compel them to go for playing and exploring them. Moreover, many of these games are soon available on Steam which can be easier for gamers to approach and purchase them.


How Aavega is uplifting its performance in Unity and Unreal Engine?

After a deep discussion on the best Unity and Unreal Engine games that are going to be released soon now its time to take you all to the Aavega’s upgradation in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Aavega Interactive is a leading gaming studio that offers a variety of services including game development, game art and game QA with expertise in game testing. Our team of professionals keep on working and improvising our efforts to come up with the most productive and constructive output to enhance our user experience. Here, at Aavega, our developers work on Unity and Unreal Engine to make our games more appealing and compelling that show some grip to the users keeping them engrossed for a long. Our creation such as Cut Drop Strike, JRPR, and the upcoming one i.e., Mahakavya: Chronicles of Vamshas are some of the best creations of ours showing remarkable success in the market either through just a trailer or by a complete game application like Cut Drop Strike.



Moreover, the Cut Drop Strike easily available on Google Play Store is a puzzle-based genre game has also achieved the Teacher’s Approved badge, that facilitated students to go for playing it safely and achieve fun along with the integration of cognitive skills. Similarly, our new creation, Mahakavya, is getting towards the booming direction with the marvelous visuals and efficient gameplay along with the storytelling backgrounds making the game even more engaging and twining. So, with these expertise and adept skills our professionals consistently put their efforts to bring up some innovative creation and make our users interactive.



Wrapping up here with the final thoughts on the best upcoming Unity and Unreal Engine games of 2024 that are going to make noise in the gaming market with their fantastic visuals and outstanding gameplay. Gamers! Hold on, your wait is going to be end soon with some highly engaging and compelling games of 2024 that you can get easily on Steam and other gaming console platforms as well. So, don’t miss this chance to take advantage and grab the great amusement ahead.

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