Aavega Interactive Delivers Scalable SDET Expertise for Major Game Publisher

Whom we worked with

One of the major publishers specializing in the publication of AAA game titles. Sun Technologies has been a go to partner for this publisher since 2019. The commitment and the quality output impressed the publisher to give Sun Technologies a try for their SDET needs.

Our Solution

  • Game Dev Savvy SDETs: Team understood game needs & provided solutions quickly.
  • Legacy Code Tamers: Trained team tackled older coding languages for automation.
  • Global Testing Powerhouse: Extended team collaborated seamlessly worldwide. 
  • Tech-Agnostic Testers: Utilized diverse tools (Mocha, Chai, Cypress) & game engines (Unity, Unreal).


The platform was built on older coding languages which required the team to be trained on these skill sets and work with various teams all over the world.


Quick scalability helped the publisher smoothly develop their platform and effectively test their platform for any blockers.

How we helped

Sun Technologies worked as a bridge and an extended team to this publisher providing them with effective automation tests which helped scaling up their platform. Team helped with automating test cases to validate and make sure the new changes (new versions) are working as intended. This will help developers fix any issues if there are any failures.

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