Aavega Interactive Expands Liveops Partnership to Deliver Success for Major Publisher's Facebook Game

Whom we worked with

Aavega Interactive has established a successful long-term partnership with a prominent publisher for a well-known Facebook game title. Since 2018, we collaborated as their trusted partner, providing Quality Assurance (QA) and co-development services. Our consistent focus on delivering high-quality work has fostered a strong and collaborative relationship with the publisher. This commitment to excellence has led to an exciting expansion of our role. Recognizing the value we provide, the publisher has entrusted Aavega Interactive with the additional responsibility of managing their Liveops.

Our Solution

  • 24/7 monitoring ensured game stability and minimized downtime.
  • Our expert team delivered swift solutions to player issues.
  • We integrated seamlessly, becoming an extension of their team.
  • Fast fixes and constant coverage boosted player retention.


  • Securing reliable 24/7 coverage to monitor game stability
  • Delivering swift solutions for emerging player issues
  • Fostering trust and collaboration to seamlessly integrate our team


  • 24/7 monitoring prevented downtime and ensured a smooth player experience.
  • Swift issue resolution minimized bugs and boosted player satisfaction.
  • Prompt fixes and constant coverage led to higher player retention.
  • Proactive problem-solving optimized game performance.

How we helped

  • Guaranteed Uptime: Our comprehensive 24/7 monitoring ensured the game’s stability, minimizing downtime and safeguarding a consistently smooth player experience.
  • Rapid Resolution: Our team of specialists delivered swift and effective solutions to player issues, minimizing frustration and fostering continued engagement.
  • Seamless Integration: We fostered a collaborative environment, seamlessly integrating as an extension of their team to proactively anticipate and address potential problems.

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