Case Study

Development of 2 gamified applications for a leading insurance company

Whom we worked with

The client was looking for a full time partner to develop 2 gamified applications for the leading insurance company

Our Solution

  • Built the applications from the scratch
  • Worked on both the frontend and the backend services
  • Packaged the applications in an optimal way for easy accessibility and usage by the end users
  • The applications were developed in such a way that it was accessible across mobile and web platforms
  • The application was cross-platform enabling the customers to track their progress and scoreboards

Customer Challenges

  • Lack of skilled resources which could develop and manage the applications in the said region
  • To reduce the time and cost involved in the development


  • Cost-effective end product
  • Faster turn-around time during development
  • Efficient, usable code for future scalability

How we helped

  • Strategize and design the development of the application effectively
  • Created backend services from the scratch
  • Support and maintenance of the applications post development
  • Easier accessibility across platforms

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