Case Study

Localization and Porting to Nintendo Switch

Whom we worked with

An independent game development studio specializing on arcade style games.

Our Solution

We worked with the in-house art team to devise a solution for the UI scaling issues and worked with the external localization team to translate the texts to Japanese.


The porting part was a fairly smooth process, except for the UI Layout changes, which took some work to optimize for the wide Switch screen. Japanese, being a language with very complex character sets, was quite challenging to figure out to fit into the same space as the English layout.


The Nintendo Switch build, along with the localization helped the publisher gain a lot of traction among the Japanese audience.

How we helped

  • The text system used in the game was not compatible with translation. Hence, we had to change the entire system to accommodate the localization features
  • Japanese being a foreign language to us, and a lack of support in the game engine text framework was quite challenging. We collaborated with an external localization team to get the texts translated and integrate it into the game
  • Ported the game to Nintendo Switch, which required some optimization for performance and texture layouts because of the widescreen display and limited hardware processing power.

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