Case Study

Porting solution for a leading game publisher

Whom we worked with

Our customer is a leading game publisher in Europe. The client was looking for a short-term partner to efficiently port multiple flash games into a single native game application for mobile.

Our Solution

  • Merged 4 different flash games into a single native application
  • Code optimization for better performance
  • Integration of ad networks and analytics
  • Implemented a self-made localization system to overcome Adobe Air security


  • Packaging of 4 different flash games into a single application
  • Performance issues when ported
  • Optimization of code
  • Integration of ad network
  • Localization issues due to Adobe Air security


  • The merger of 4 outdated Flash applications into a single native application
  • Optimized the game for better performance
  • Implementation of reward video-based unlock through ad network (Chartboost)

How we helped

  • Identified common framework & utility code used by the games and merged them to reduce the build size
  • Implemented video-based content unlock using Chartboost plugin
  • Localization was originally handled by old framework, which had compatibility issues with Adobe Air’s security
  • We implemented a localization system that read strings from a local data file
  • Optimized scene transition code using smooth linear interpolation

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