Case Study

Porting to PlayStation®4 and bug fixes for PlayStation®5

Whom we worked with

An independent game development studio specializing in puzzle style games.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the PS®5 team to ensure no discrepancies between the PS®4 and PS®5 builds while ensuring that most bugs were fixed before the builds were submitted to QA. This minimized the duration of the game in QA and thus could be deployed quickly.


The game was scheduled to be launched soon, and a lot of changes were required to make it ready for deployment on both platforms.


The PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 build helped the publisher expand its reach to Console players.

How we helped

  • Some of the game’s APIs were incompatible with the PS®4 platform, so we replaced the APIs with PS®4-specific APIs
  • We continued to work with the publisher and the development studio to fix bugs in the PS®4 and PS®5 ports

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