Case Study

XBOX porting fixes and solution on steam

Whom we worked with

One of the major indie publishers specializing in the publication of indie games specially made in the Eastern European region. Sun Technologies has been a QA partner since mid-2019. The commitment and the quality output impressed the publisher to give Sun Technologies a try for their development needs.

Our Solution

  • The company needed Xbox port fixes for a multiplayer game that was just released on Steam and Xbox

  • We troubleshot the network error and optimized the serializer code to reduce the bandwidth

  • We scaled up the team to work on porting the latest update for Xbox


  • Time limitation for the network issue fix – the game was just launched on the Xbox platform and was a top seller


  • Quick troubleshooting and scalability helped the publisher retain a sizeable amount of the player community, which was frustrated with the network issues


How we helped

  • Troubleshooting the network issues, which were a significant cause of concern

  • Our solution enabled the stabilization of the CCU, and the game was well-received

  • We continued to work with the publisher and the development studio to bring the upcoming updates and patches to the game title, which is still well received by the player base

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