A Dev’s guide to Jolly Rogers Pirate’s Rumble

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Hello Everyone, I am Achint Jain, Development Manager of Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble. I am writing this as we arrive at the early stages of releasing the game. This was a game idea born over a weekend party with the team which conceptualized over a period of time. We felt the need of a game which is funny, fast and easy which anyone can enjoy with friends on a single shared screen. There are loads of online multiplayer games in the market but only a percent of co-op games which can be enjoyed with your close ones in the same place like old times. Shared screen games numbers have declined in the recent times. JRPR is heavily inspired by the likes of games such as Warlock (a DOTA mod), Move or die, Brawlhalla, Smash Bros and more. What is different? Well, you will have to find that out personally!

What is Jolly Rogers Pirate’s Rumble?

JRPR in short is an Action Arena fighting game. It is a local multiplayer shared screen game which needs at least 2 players locally to play. Players control different Pirates and compete to win! How do you win? Nice and easy, just push your enemies of the arena or figure out what do with your Pirate powers. Enjoy the rush and excitement while you discover things really fast.

Game Modes and Game-play:

Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble has multiple game modes. You can start off with either a FFA, Deathmatch (personal favorite) or team up with one of your buddies and play against your other buddies. There are multiple ways to kill your enemies in Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble, from pushing them off the map to bumping into them and damaging them or using the different ultimate powers. Watch out for map specific traps and obstacles too! Each Pirate has their own set hit points and rage points. Filling up the rage meter helps you unleash your ultimate power which for certain is to make your friends flee. Each mode has a different map with different fruit power ups (mentioned below) and sometimes traps spawning randomly.

We have currently implemented 5 modes (more in development)

Free For All – Every Pirate to himself! Your friendship will definitely be tested in this mode!

King of the Map – There can be only one true King even amongst the Pirates! Fight for the crown and dominate the map.

Team Deathmatch – Team up and defeat the opponents!

Capture the Flag – Classic team based CTF except you really need to watch where you step.

Rum Run – But why is the Rum gone? Find out with your friends!



Fruits and Power ups : Pick up fruits to get special power-ups, these powers are temporary and will make your Pirate powerful in special ways. They need to be activated precisely and fade away after a short while but fret not, these fruits spawn randomly until the session ends.

Use Y button (Xbox 1 controller) to activate a fruit after picking up. Some of the fruits are passive as well.

Ice Fruit : On activating this fruit (next to them) your opponents are frozen for a short while. Use this time to strategically push them into traps or off the map.


Fire Fruit : Light your opponents on fire, the moment they come in contact with you!. Beware the fire can spread to your allies also.

There are 8 more unique fruit and power-ups each giving a completely different benefit.


Ultimate power and characters :

JRPR has seven unique characters (implemented) to choose from, each character has unique ability which can be activated once the rage meter is full. These ultimate abilities will help you 1 hit KO your opponents

Pirate Ultimate Ability
Kristoffer Viking Axe Skybreaker
Ivan the Terrible Impale
Captain Goodbeard Shiver me Timbers
Iron Fist Zeke Iron Fist
Lancelot Blackburn Divine Intervention
Barbarossa Devil’s Breath
Karl The Kraken Ghost Ship

These are some of the skill which characters have. These abilities can change and will improve over the time of development.

Kristoffer “Viking” Axe  – The Skybreaker
          Ivan the Terrible – Impale



Controls :

 Achint Jain
 Team Aavega Interactive 
 [email protected]

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