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No one can estimate the limit of the rise in technology as it shows a non-stop and steeper growth pattern from the past few years. And we can easily see that nowadays, the maximum crowd is getting inclined towards the gaming area. Thus, to take the gaming world to the next level, game developers are doing a tedious job of making your game experience even more influential and outstanding with the help of the intervention of advanced technologies such as 2D, 3D, AR, VR, AI, and others.

But Speech technology is one of the very captivating techs in gaming that will grasp all your focus and elevate the mania of playing online games. Isn’t it sound unique? Of course! So let’s not waste a single sec and get to know a brief about this tech.




What makes speech technology a necessity in the gaming area?

As the craze among people towards online gaming is markedly increasing across the globe, we have got so many gamers today who invest their maximum time in playing games and also make their income from this. Thus, the leading gaming companies feel it essential to keep on bringing some innovations to enhance user experience, making them delighted and hiking up their excitement.


All the advancements are productive for normal humans to enjoy playing and watching games online, but what about those who are visually or physically disabled and wish to play games online? To resolve this, the need for speech technology came into existence and still thriving with the best result as everyone is now enjoying playing voice recognition games.


Moreover, in voice recognition games, we can find an interaction with your character and others through speech. So this gives a different experience while playing the game. However, it is an uphill battle for game developers to build such voice control games, but once it is done, this makes a noise in the gaming market. Below are some voice-recognition games that have captured gamers’ attention speedily. Let’s take a closer look at them;


  • Scream Go Hero: An action genre-based game full of thrilling activities in which you can use your voice to progress in the game, if you shout louder, you will jump higher, making the game more influential. The game is offered by Ketchapp and is updated in the latest 2022.


  • There Came An Echo: It is a real-time strategy-based game where the player is supposed to take command from a small squadron with the help of voice recognition technology. It is mainly a sci-fi concept game developed and published by Iridium Studios.


  • The Broken Seal: This game is designed especially for the VR perspective in which you need to counter dangerous and damaging enemies with the help of your voice control. You can enjoy playing this outstanding game with your own voice recognition. The game is developed and published by XAREA.


  • Radio General: If you are a great strategist, then this game will undoubtedly influence you a lot as inside the game, you have to play a role of a General who is in the tent, and only you have a map and radio to interact with your unit. So the game is all about devising a good strategy and winning the battle with the help of speech recognition technology. The game is developed and published by Foolish Mortals Games, Michael Long.


  • In Verbis Virtus: Experience the fantasy world In Verbis Virtus, full of terror and wizard surprises to fetch the ancient power and explore the adventure hidden in it with the help of your voice recognition. The game is developed and published by Indomitus Games.


All these games are pretty appealing and exciting as they contain voice recognition technology to play them and experience the thrill of another level and at their best some are easily available on Steam and Google Play Store from where you can download them.




Challenges that are involved in creating voice control games

The voice-controlled games seem highly engrossing to play as the player enjoys giving voice commands to the gaming character to move forward in the game, for example, to jump up, the player should shout louder, and to move ahead, the player’s voice should be frequent. In such a way, voice-controlled games are thriving in the market. But if we think about building this kind of game that involves voice recognition and speech technology, we will find a big challenge for the game developers as it includes a lot of hard work and concentration.


More to this, the most significant challenge comes to figuring out the particular language for localized video games. And above all, grafting a code that involves voice commands and works on such engine platform. To create voice recognition games, the developers need to accumulate different types of speech data to be built inside the programming so that the optimistic output will come. But once the voice-controlled game is created, it will boom in the market as gamers find great amusement in playing such speech recognition games. Thus, considering all these challenges, we can estimate how much effort it takes to create an entertaining and engaging game for game lovers to ignite their gaming passion.




Wrapping up with the thoughts that voice recognition technology in the games is taking the charm of online gaming to a greater extent as gamers enjoy playing such games where they can use their voice to proceed ahead and interact with the character inside the game. And also it aids those who wish to play online games but are disabled visually. Thus, with the help of speech technology, the gaming industry is getting more traction and engagement, enhancing user experience.

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