How Aavega is Poised to Rule the Indian Gaming Landscape in 2024

New Year! New ambition! New targets! New achievements!

With a high goal-driven spirit, Aavega is all set to embark this year to move forward in leaps and bounds. Undoubtedly, Aavega Interactive, a cutting-edge gaming studio has been serving the best gaming solutions for a long while to our users enhancing their experience with us. And again, Aavega is going to rock the floor with its well-framed plans and strategies of 2024. But before moving ahead let’s have a brief look at Aavega.


About Aavega Interactive

Aavega is a rooted and progressive gaming company, embracing 2024 with numerous accomplishments devised to accelerate our performance globally to the top-notch. Our objective is to cater superlative gaming solutions to our users, enhancing their experience with us.

Here at Aavega Interactive, we build entertaining games across all platforms, including Mobile (iOS, Android), Web, and PC (Windows). Also, we work on different game development engines such as Unity, Unreal, and Cocos, and Native SDKs such as Cut Drop Strike made with Unity, Jolly Roger’s Pirate Rumble, Mahakavya: Chronicles of Vamshas, etc are a few of our gaming creations.

In addition, we intend to perform consistent hard work and put in our best efforts to come up with some innovative and productive outcomes. Hence, we focus more on our maximum growth and widening of services in all aspects and being up to date with advanced technologies.

Moreover, we have teams of professionals who are optimistic enough to keep their eye on upscaling our skills both in game development and testing and thus practice consistently to provide the best solutions leading to render quality-oriented results to our users.

Furthermore, we help with reliable outsourcing services for Game Porting, Game Art, and Game QA projects, giving us more chances to expand our skills and upgrade our client experience. At our best, we are thrilled to head forward to many successes with our upcoming releases that are already set in the que to boom the gaming market crazily. So, let’s go to the effort of our fantastic creation, Jolly Roger’s Pirate Rumble (JRPR).




Fall your eyes on our upcoming release: Jolly Roger’s Pirate Rumble

Boosting the new year with our in-house project that’s almost there to be released in the forthcoming days i.e., Jolly Roger’s Pirate Rumble (JRPR) in Q1 of 2024. The game is made with Unity game engine based on arena action pirate theme with captivating visuals and actions involved. Moreover, there are seven characters designed in this game namely, GoodBeard; Hyraddin; IronFist; IvanTheTerrible; KarlTheKraken; KristofferVikingAxe; Lancelot.

The most interesting fact is every character is created along with individual powers to keep it unusual from one another. For those who like playing multiplayer game this is high time to grab this chance with our booming creation becoming available soon on all the gaming platforms.

Additionally, inside the game, four players are allowed to play parallelly imposing the toughest competition for each other and finally achieve the win. More to this the players are credited with some magical and fostering powers when the opposite player gets dashed off by making the attack.

Furthermore, the game is designed with some additional fruit powers also like Boulder Popup; Fire Fruit Popup; Giant Fruit Popup; Healing Chicken PopUp; Hex Popup; Hook Popup; Rum PopUp; Stone FruitPopUp that upscale players’ capabilities and providing them a swift foster.

Moreover, there are total eight levels present in this game that are, FFA; CTF; Rum Run Set; Football; Brew Master; Cannon Ball Arena; TDM; KotMSet and all are created with different and immersive maps to play that shoot up the gaming zest of players to the next level.

All these JRPR info sound crazy and triggering to go for playing it. So, gamers, the wait is going to end and it’s time to gear up yourself for the boundless amusement with the super engrossing game, JRPR. Along with this super JRPR creation, Aavega is evolving the most advanced and fascinating creation, Mahakavya: Chronicles of Vamshas, that will be available soon on all the platforms.




Continuance progression in Mahakavya: Chronicles of Vamshas

Amplify your gaming thrill with Aavega’s most awaited and upcoming creation, Mahakavya: Chronicles of Vamshas, a Turn-based strategy and RPG game made with Unreal Engine. The game has also showcased and well-liked in the Gamescom 2023 held in Germany.

Moreover, the immersive visuals and animations used inside the game elevate the user engagement to the higher side. Swing by and let the jazzy vibes of Mahakavya wash over you like a saxophone solo under the dazzling lights of gameplay. To boot, the characters and props of this game are genuinely amazing and eye-catching that will make players engrossed with the game for a long time.

However, the early access of the game is planned to be released in the Q4 of 2024. So, till then explore the trailer of the game available on YouTube and hold your craze for the most exciting game, Mahakavya! More to this, Aavega is expanding some of its gaming projects like Cut Drop Strike, to intensify the user engagement globally to the greater extent.




Dealing on mobile game titles catering to global audience

No achievement is bigger than the first achievement and so as with Aavega. Our foremost gaming creation, Cut Drop Strike, a puzzle-based genre 2D game has secured a remarkable success in the market with numerous appreciations and likes by the audience.

Moreover, the game has gained a “Teacher Approved,” badge that states the game application is well-accepted and greatly rated by the teachers convincing them that the game is non-risky for children, but it will boost their mental skills and managing power. The game has 3 chapters with many levels and still our developers keep on expanding the levels and make it even more appealing and interesting to play.


Including this we are packed with the expansion of various Unreal engine projects under us to provide the best services to our clients and make noise in the market with our gaming creations.


How Aavega is assisting its clients to offer excellent gaming solutions and services?

Aavega targets to push the fullest effort to help our clients in meeting their expectations and providing them the accurate solutions that leads to strengthen and broaden our prowess. Moreover, Aavega team works diligently intending to speed up the project completion process at the earliest and obtain absolute results with full reliability. Beneath are some core points defining about our assistance to clients, let’s take a quick look;

  • Helping our clients with Live ops maintenance of their projects
  • Supporting SDET projects
  • Supporting clients with game porting to consoles
  • Supporting AR/VR and MR projects
  • Co-Develop

These points indicate our flexibility towards the roles and responsibilities we follow and thus, it aids us to widen and expand our portfolio as our team keep on improvising our skills to achieve the maximum positive outcomes that are possible such as Updates on CDS, Mahakavya Early access coming up this year, looking at possible publishing partnership (Showcase of Mahakavya during IGDC by Epic Games), upcoming Visual novels, experimentation with Web3 domain, working on AR/VR/MR projects to create interesting prototypes and projects, and many other expansions on projects with appropriate keywords.

In this way, we are upgrading our prowess and services incorporating advanced technologies like AR, VR, 3D, Unreal Engine, etc., to make our clients contented and our services quite trustworthy. Moving ahead with the major expertise of Aavega that is QA approach that is the crucial service of us with sparking success and maximum reliability. So, let’s dig into it!




What QA approach does Aavega follow to be an extended team for our external partners for development support and porting needs?

Without any doubts, our experienced game QA team follows all the specific processes essential to obtain an absolute output and avoid even a minor bug. Moreover, choosing the righteous QA methodologies will ultimately reduce the risk of any kind of error detection in the project. To know more let’s take a quick look at the QA approach and procedures that are as follows;


  • Kick-Off: The very primary stage that gives clarity of project identification and includes several things like about the Platform, type of project,Time required, Resource Count, Testing Scope, POC’s, and some others.


  • Planning: This is the crucial stage of the game development and testing that tells a detailed test approach and deliverable lists required to render the clients.


  • Execution: The execution is considered as the functional testing stage in which the following sub-stages are involved; Test Execution, Functionality & Regression, Check Execution, Bug Reporting, and Summary Reports.


  • Milestones: This stage involves documentation of reports i.e., intermediary Validation Report and submission of the Milestone Certification Report followed by publishing of Regression Report.


  • Sign-Off: And this is the final stage of game testing, which relies on customer reviews that aid developers to find out the areas that need to get improved. The stage is called as testers sign off as they pack on deliverables and move to a Test Closure Report.


Along with the pc game testing we offer valuable Mobile Game Testing service as well that includes following steps to acquire positive output and these are;


  • PST Testing: The step is used for the performance testing of any game regarding mobile accessibilities
  • Network: This step involves connectivity related testing.
  • Compliance: In this step the content of the game is tested to check for any objection state.
  • Functionality: In this step the functionality is tested to enhance user experience.
  • Emulators: This is the core step that involves program testing of any game to check with all platforms support.
  • Localization: The step involves the testing of specific language according to zone across the world.
  • Compatibility: In this step the compatibility testing is done whether the game is supporting all the hardware and software or not.



These are notable and appropriate stages and steps that are followed by our QA testing team to get accurate and error-free results heightening the user experience. Aavega keep on working with our clients worldwide to serve the best results leads to strengthening our prowess.



Does correct QA methodologies help Aavega to deliver the user centric outcome?

The finest QA methodologies make Aavega distinguished from others as our team push all the efforts dedicatedly to make the project complete bug-free that leads to the great user experience.


Moreover, our testing procedures aid us in various ways to provide the best solutions to our clients and assure bug-free functionality of any application or project. Below are some reasons mentioned pointing the need of accuracy in the QA methods and procedures, so have a short look at them that are on deck;


  • Accurate QA methods act as a pivot that helps in focusing more on users and enhancing their experiences. This is why all the development part is done aiming user-friendly and errorless


  • The automation technique is followed by consistent integration, which is essential enough to lessen the costs and it also helps achieving the successful result


  • Next to this process of testing and code coverage is required to obtain a virtuous and authentic product


  • The shift-left techniques provide assurance for quick detection of bugs that facilitates the maximum saving of expenses, and also this consumes lesser time to spend


  • Correct and absolute testing is preferred the most to figure out the number of bugs the application posses


  • Post to this the turn of functional testing comes, the QA procedures are followed with testing at the UI level, which helps in the error reduction process


  • Also, portability is pretty difficult step to perform as a single application has to be executed on various platforms


  • Reliability is a core factor that aids in the reduction of issues like system crashing or breakdown of the components


  • Finally, the documentation which talks about the authentic details of all the records and appropriate changes made that are essential to done by using selective methods to protect the sorted data records


These aforesaid points state that succeeding with the correct QA testing procedures and methods will show the bug-free result with high functionality performance boosting users’ experience. Thus, here at Aavega, we crucially follow and stay cautious to obtain the accurate outcome to meet our clients’ expectations completely.



Wrapping up here with the final thoughts on the Aavega Interactive optimistic plans and strategies of 2024 to augment our skills and services providing outstanding solutions to our users and clients.

Stay tuned with our experts!







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