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Kudos! What a fantastic game it is! We often listen to these kinds of words from the game lovers that they used to say after experiencing the tremendous fun from any game playing. Undoubtedly, the gaming market is jammed with so many incredible games which are well-liked by the audience across the globe, such as PUBG, Super Mario, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Cut Drop Strike, Raji, Diablo series, and others. They can get these influential games easily through various platforms like Steam, Play Store, etc., with exciting offers letting them enjoy limitless fun. As a consequence, these games gained enormous fame globally in a very short time due to the fantastic gameplay and visual effects that are incorporated inside them.

But do you know making of such fascinating games takes too much effort? Creating a game is not a trouble-free thing but rather a tedious task to perform, as it involves a cascade of game-testing stages that are a bit tricky and time-consuming processes. And the best part is to make players divert all the main stages of game testing are thoroughly followed without any idleness and delay. So let’s traverse the game testing stages that are a key reason for the favorable result of any game in the market, but before that, first, we need to understand what exactly game testing stands for. So let’s figure it out!




What is Game Testing and the QA approach of Aavega?

Game testing is a crucial process involving game software testing to check the quality of any video game before launching it to the gaming market. The main purpose of game testing is to find any kind of bug or error that may occur in the newly created game to avoid defaming the game after releasing it out.

Moreover, game testing is a substantial part of game development that comes next to the second phase (production) of the game development life cycle (pre-production, production, post-production), i.e., the post-production phase, in which the exact programming and coding process is done, and after this, the time for testing the software comes.

At its best, Game testing involves various critical stages that the QA team of Aavega performs efficiently, so let’s have a closer look at them;



  • Kick-Off: It is the initial stage under which so many things lie, such as Platform, Project Type, Duration & Time, Resource Count, Testing Scope, POC’s, etc. This stage gives a clear identification of the Project Requirement and Scope, resulting in a detailed test plan.
  • Planning: It is the core stage of the game development testing as it is responsible for the detailed test approach and deliverable lists that are provided to the client. In this stage, the testers acquire details from the game and create data accordingly for the further test plan.
  • Execution: The execution is the actual testing stage in which the following sub-stages are involved; Test Execution, Functionality & Regression, Check Execution, Bug Reporting, and Summary Reports. All these compile to give an absolute result of game testing with bug-free perfection.
  • Milestones: In this stage of game testing, documentation of reports is done, i.e., intermediary Validation Report and submission of the Milestone Certification Report followed by publishing of Regression Report.
  • Sign-Off: Here comes the final stage of game testing, which is based on customer reviews that help developers to figure out the areas required to be improvised. In this stage, testers sign off on deliverables and prepare a Test Closure Report.

All these stages of game testing give accuracy and efficiency to any game with zero error and compliance issues. After passing all these stages, the game becomes more than half ready to launch in the gaming market.



Know how uniquely Aavega is serving in the Mobile Game Testing

Mobile Game Testing is also a QA approach that is performed during the game development or maybe after the launching of the game. It is embraced with various processes and techniques that are discussed below, let’s have a quick look at them;

  • PST Testing: It is the process in which testing of performance, stress, load, and soaking is done to check whether the game is performing well or not in terms of low memory, low battery, download time taking, longevity, etc.
  • Network: In this process, the testing for network-related issues such as connectivity, installation/uninstallation, multiplayer, and security measures are done for a good user experience.
  • Compliance: In this process, the compliance or platform guidelines are followed that whether the content of the game is suitable or objectionable.
  • Functionality: In this process, the testers check for the fundamental problems in the game, such as graphics, saving, loading, user interface, and others, to avoid any issues regarding user amusement.
  • Emulators: In this process, the testers draw attention to the programming of the software to be run on all the devices such as Mobiles, Tablets, etc.
  • Localization: If the game is created to be launched globally, then testers need to check the content and languages to be translated accordingly before launching it in the gaming market for a better result.
  • Compatibility: In this process, the testers check for hardware fragmentation, resolution, API fragmentation, and firmware, they test whether the game is compatible with running on all hardware and software or not.

The above-said processes of QA for mobile game testing are pretty essential to make your gaming creation a next-level boom in the market, and our team of QA testers is skilled enough to perform all such vital steps with great perfection.





Summarizing the whole content with final thoughts on game testing stages that constitute a significant part of the game development that comes in the post-production phase of the game development life-cycle. Moreover, our Aavega QA testers team works diligently to obtain the best and bug-free output to enhance our user experience and gain more engagement. Explore the QA approach of Aavega in detail and get to know more valuable testing insights with the help of this blog.

Aavega Interactive, a leading gaming studio, offers outstanding services regarding game testing, game development, and game art and keeps on improvising our skills with the latest updates in the gaming area.

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