LiveOps – Reason for the popularity of live service games and ongoing support for long-term player engagement

Upgradation in gaming management leads to imposing engagement!

The gaming industry is constantly speeding up with profound success and an enormous collection of entertaining games like PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Cut Drop Strike, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and many others. Moreover, these games have secured top ranks among games in this era of the gaming realm due to their fantastic gameplay and visual effects that have stolen the eyes of many gamers. But the most interesting fact about the videogames to reach that success level is their management and optimization responsible for enhancing great user engagement and popularity, LiveOps came into this kingdom of gaming.

LiveOps helps improve the functionality of any game to make it more appealing and user-friendly, and thus, various gaming companies offer this service as the utmost priority to increase their engagement and user experience. Additionally, to acquire more info regarding LiveOps, you need to spend a little more on this blog that talks whole and sole about LiveOps.


What exactly does LiveOps mean?

LiveOps, which stands for Live Operations, is used for ongoing management and upgradation of any game after the initial release. LiveOps is an essential devise plan for any gaming firm to achieve more users and engagement. It includes tracking performance, improving content, and responding to data and player feedback to enhance the gaming experience.

Furthermore, LiveOps has become an integral part of many gaming companies, offering a reliable service to meet their client expectations to the fullest and match the level of perfection regarding the performance of video games. Nowadays, LiveOps plays a crucial role in gaming as it is an essential strategy for any gaming studio to obtain and keep active users and level up the competition in the changing gaming world. In addition, there are several benefits of LiveOps mentioned below that compel you to adopt this service for well-organized and systematic gaming operations. So, let’s have a quick look at them.



How is LiveOps benefitting the gaming landscape?

LiveOps, the ongoing enhancement and management of games post-launch, is a strategic imperative for forward-thinking game development companies. It surrounds everything from supervising performance and optimizing content to integrating player feedback, ensuring that the gaming experience is continuously refined and productive. More to this, LiveOps benefit in various ways to the gaming studios that are discussed below, so let’s explore them one by one;


  • Quick resolution: The purpose of developing LiveOps was to counter errors that usually occur in digital games after the launch and fix them. This is considered the most practical usage of LiveOps service. Moreover, the developers can deliver patches and resolve any bug in real time without waiting for the new game to be launched.


  • Good audience engagement: Switching to LiveOps makes a bridge between the game developers and their users and helps them get proper and constant feedback as well. Thus, when the developers meet the demanding requests and launch updates based on those reviews, they deliver an improved experience. This is how the LiveOps approach establishes brand reliability, trust, and massive engagement with high-quality products.


  • Control for players: In the case of static games, players have to run into the completion wall. And once they’ve completed the game, they abort playing and head up to do something new or else. Thus, with the continuous addition of new features and time-limited updates, you offer players a valid cause to keep playing the game even after finishing all the levels. Moreover, live in-game tournaments integrate a new dimension of play to keep players engaged and compel them to come again to play.


  • Enhance the revenue: And finally, the higher the engagement, the higher the revenue generation because of the broad engagement and retention provided with the help of LiveOps gets converted convert into revenue. Moreover, consumers invest a good amount, almost in millions, and thus, it results in higher subscription and in-game transactions.



Have a sight on the critical components of LiveOps

LiveOps is generally called “games-as-a-service,” which states that rather than being a solitary static product, a game comes with encompassing services that enhance the gamers’ experience. Moreover, to track the best output for LiveOps there are some steps that are helpful in fulfilling this task and they are as follows;

  • Real-time stats and track: In this era of analytics, LiveOps works extensively on evidence-based data to fix decisions. Game developers observe player demands, behavior, preferences, and performance measures to make appealing choices about updates and optimizations. Thus, this ensures that development strategies and procedures are linked with players’ expectations and advanced gaming trends.


  • Content upgradation: The most basic and important pillars of LiveOps are providing consistent updates and launching. This includes everything from error fixing and upgrading performances to introducing additional features, characters, and content of the game. And this continuous evolution makes players enthralled and excited to invest in the game, passing great interest for the upcoming one.


  •  Community organization: Establishing the community is essential to maintain a trustworthy bond and engagement that will robust user feedback and excitement around product launch. Hence, gaming is already social by behavior; gaming communities like Twitch and Discord can become a source of power for engagement and growth. However, there are various studios that also create and proceed communities on social media channels or manage a custom platform to enhance user engagement.


  • Event organization: Talking about event management in LiveOps is basically refers to the planning, execution, and monitoring of new and core in-game events or activities within a live service game. Moreover, these events are pretty captivating, engage players, raise excitement, and coincide with particular themes or promotions.


  •  Monetization plans: With no doubt earning money is a fundamental goal of LiveOps. Thus, the monetization strategies to grow gaming revenue include in-game purchases like tokens, bundles, and cosmetic items. These strategies are greatly supportive of a sustainable business model and also offer players awesome chances to personalize their gaming experience, making it more joyful and engrossing.


How LiveOps aids in the analytics of any application

The most crucial and main advantage of LiveOps is the potential to cater to the accumulation of valuable and precise data about your user’s’ nature, interests, preferences, and choices. Let’s say A/B testing, for example, is one of the keyways to test two versions of a feature and acquire user feedback.

Moreover, there are a few Key Performance Indicators mentioned below that aid your LiveOps profoundly, so let’s take a quick look;


Look at the top KPIs for LiveOps:

  1. Daily active users (DAU): Track for a regular users’ engagement
  2. Monthly active users (MAU): Track for monthly users’ engagement
  3. DAU to MAU ratio: The percentage figure to track the daily engagement of users
  4. Player churn rate: The measurement of players in the percentage who quit playing the games
  5. Player retention rate: The measurement of players who are regular and active users for a time while, like one week or several months.
  6. Event participation and completion rates: The track of users who used to take part in the in-game events.
  7. Play session length: An average rate of a player based on spending time per session.
  8. The average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU): Measurement of average generation of the revenue per player or user.
  9. Conversion rate: The track of players who finish the desired activity, like buying some in-game stuff.
  10. Issue resolution time: The average time duration taken by developers to fix the issue.


These above-discussed KPIs are the core steps that make your service even more valuable and reliable, and thus, consistent supervision of them will act as a game changer for any gaming firm. However, along with these merits, there are a few challenges also present with the LiveOps approach, and they are discussed as follows;


The challenges of LiveOps

  • Maintaining player’s expectations with good earnings is a bit of a difficult task
  • Dragging some technical obstacles will make it a little complicated to give users always the same hi-tech gaming environment
  • Resource management is again a challenging thing for a gaming studio to offer a great user experience and enhance engagement without hitting budget balance
  • Security assurance in a live atmosphere is the biggest challenge, as players invest only in the safest channel for in-game events
  •  Privacy policy amendments lead to a more challenging task as the developers have to gain data from both Apple and Android users for analytics purposes so that they can work on the feedback and provide the best solutions to the games.


How can you incorporate the top practices for successful LiveOps?

The perfect LiveOps strategies and plans will make your impact your service incredibly with these simple steps that are mentioned below, so let’s have an eye on them;

  • Go for the data-driven approach
  • Select an absolute metric
  • Segregate your users or audience crowd
  • Build review or feedback protocol
  • Interact freely
  • Allow personalization feature


With these steps, you will be able to shoot your LiveOps to the top-notch level that will benefit your company in various advanced ways in the gaming market.

Moreover, Aavega Interactive also offers a commendable LiveOps service with impressive strategies and productive outcomes. So, without taking much time, let’s explore the optimistic LiveOps service of Aavega.




Advantages of Partnering with Aavega Interactive for LiveOps

Aavega Interactive embraces this approach, leveraging LiveOps to expand player bases and foster deeper engagement. Following some unique and outstanding procedures, we make a difference in our LiveOps performance. Beneath are some reasons mentioned that describe our goal to achieve a constructive LiveOps;


  • Rapid Issue Resolution:Our team promptly addresses any game-related issues, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted player experience


  • Enhanced Player Engagement: Through regular updates and fresh content, we keep the game exciting and engaging, encouraging players to return.


  • Increased Player Retention: Our strategic updates and improvements encourage players to get engrossed with the game over time, fostering a loyal player base.


  • Revenue Growth: With our innovative LiveOps strategies, including targeted events and monetization tactics, we unlock new revenue opportunities without compromising the gaming experience.


Aavega’s Proven LiveOps Strategy

To make our gaming experience more trustworthy and functional our experts use to follow the below mentioned steps, let’s take a short look at them;

  • Data-Driven Insights: We leverage real-time analytics to understand player behaviors and preferences, tailoring our strategies to meet their needs.


  • Community Engagement: By managing and supporting a vibrant player community, we strengthen the bond between players and the game.


  • Personalized Player Experiences: Our approach to personalization ensures that each player’s experience is unique, increasing engagement and loyalty.


  • Continuous Improvement: Integrating player feedback into the development procedures enables us to continuously refine and improve the gameplay experience



Summarizing up here with the core thoughts on LiveOps management service to gain massive user engagement and track the kind of players and their in-game activity to head up with great improvisation leading to a user-friendly output.

Aavega Interactive, a leading gaming studio, offers valuable services and solutions in game development, game art, and game QA to meet our client’s expectations and enhance user experience to a greater extent.

Stay tuned with our experts!



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