Solve your way through the most trending puzzle adventure game on Steam: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Delve into the unbelievable powers of a phantom detective!

Many times we often listen to ghost stories by chance and avoid overthinking them as we consider they are out of our world, which is very accurate. Still, some people believe in their existence and their presence in between us, and that may be true. Listening to horror events excites some people, but on the other hand, it makes people mentally sick as well as they start overthinking about ghost and their world, which seems pretty scary.

However, you need to scare as here we are not going to discuss any of the horror stories, but what if you will get a chance to play a ghost role in any game? Doesn’t it sound exciting? Actually, a big YES because gamers used to play games, full of actions, puzzles, adventures, unique props, and an engaging storyline, and if they get all this package in one single game with a thrilling genre, they must feel delighted and amused playing that. Here, we have come up with one more trending game that is getting massive positive reviews, namely, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. It is a puzzle based action-adventure game which is developed and published by “Capcom”.

The plot is about a mysterious town and a frightening one night following the spirit of the recently dead Sissel (main character of the game) and his juggling to figure out his identity and exactly what happened to him. The player is supposed to play the role of Sissel and should perform the possession trick that is a “Ghost Tricks,” to travel the Land of the Living, unwind some puzzles, and reveal the fact of his death before morning. The game sounds pretty engaging and thrilling, and it is readily available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Windows, etc. Grab this chance to play such a curious game and hike up your gaming charm. To know this game thoroughly, we need to draw our eyes to its gameplay, so let’s go for it!




Have a closer look at the gameplay of Ghost Trick

We have discussed enough about the genre of the newly released game, i.e., Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, which you can get easily on Steam. Here, in the below section, we will have a quick look at the gameplay of this fascinating game to make a better understanding of its playing. So let’s not take too much time and proceed to the goal.

Ghost Trick, an action-adventure game in which the player plays the role of Sissel, who is actually a ghost and applies supernatural powers to save lives in one single night. Moving ahead in the game, you will realize the division of chapters that are titled as per the night. If we talk about the gameplay, we will find that the player exchanges both the world, i.e., the Land of the Living and the Ghost World.

Drawing attention to the Ghost World, you will find that Sissel is able to roam within an absolute radius between the objects, which are shown as the glowing blue cores. Whereas on the Land of the Living, Sissel feels free to create these objects so that he can perform some actions, which is known as “Ghost Tricks,” that open and unwhorl the new ways for the surrounding characters. Let’s understand it even better with gameplay that you will notice divided into two different segments; one is moving here and there from locations with the help of telephone lines, leading to save the lives of pitiful souls by doing change in their fates through the Ghost Tricks.




When going from one place to another, Sissel can listen secretly to characters’ conversations and comment happening in surroundings, acting as an initial source of dialogue in the game. With the power of possession on telephones, Sissel is able to track the exact origin of the call and get ready to aid on the other line. As the player figures out some more locations and characters, it leads to the addition of helpful details in Sissel’s record. The telephone is the core source from which it becomes easier for Sissel to reach any location and get back to the previous one, depending on plot beats. Frequently, Sissel can run a site just to search for a character’s corpse, commencing the “4 Minutes Before Death” gameplay segment.

The maximum plot is driven by Sissel’s caliber to possess dead bodies. He makes it possible by reaching the site to the time four minutes prior to the corpse’s death. Meanwhile, in these four minutes, Sissel tries to apply his Ghost Tricks to bring a change in the situation and ultimately flip the future by protecting that person’s life. He is able to communicate with the ghost whom he is saving, but it is possible only if the ghost retrieve consciousness. Anyhow if the player does not save the victim in time, they have the option to choose and get back to the initial stage of the 4 Minutes Before Death segment, or else they can return to a checkpoint which is made if the player directs any change in the victim’s fate.

Furthermore, in later chapters of this game, players can control Missile, i.e., the ghost of a tiny Pomeranian who acts as a friend of Sissel. Moreover, players will enjoy the puzzles present in these segments, which leads to an increase in complexity, and as Missile’s spirit is able to arrive further than Sissel’s, who has the ability to exchange the position of two things that are of the same shape. The gameplay is fluid and crisp, giving it an overwhelmingly positive response.





Finishing up with the final thoughts on the recently released game that is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, which is grasping huge attention and positive reviews in the market. The game is based on the puzzle-solving and action-adventure genre of a spirit named Sissel (the main player) to find out the mystery of his death and save others’ lives.

Due to its gameplay and plot, the game is getting greatly trending in the gaming area which is available on Steam and other platforms as well. Let’s dig into the ghost world and enjoy playing this outstanding game.

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