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Spooky Horror Games To Play On Halloween

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For people who are tired of the usual games like bobbing-for-apples, bowling, and pinning, there are multiple horror-themed video horror games for everyone to play on Halloween Night.

With the spooky fall season, well-begun costumes, candy, and Halloween parties are just around the corner. But, of course, every huge Halloween party needs good food and snacks, perhaps a frightful movie or two, and some party games. 

Many games across various systems can keep the party going long, from scary shooters to spooky co-op names. After all, the trick-or-treaters have left home as long as players are not scared to turn the lights out.

 1. Dead By Daylight   

Jason isn’t the first to get in on the slashing game craze, as Dead By Daylight offers not one but twenty different horror villains to pick from. The game assigns players in the roles of survivors and killers in a twisting slasher-movie situation. It’s easily a solid way to finish a night of horror movie streaming and a horror fan’s dream come true.


2. Friday The 13th: The Game  

Jason Voorhees is one of the biggest hitters in horror, so obviously, he would end up having his own video game. The horror game puts players against players as they try to outlive a night camp at Crystal Lake.

Players work together as camp guides while one takes on the character of Jason, trying to cut them off one by one. It’s just as offensive and nail-biting as the films, but with an added competing ability.



3. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

For Halloween parties with a retro theme or a group of friends who want to hit things like in old school, Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a fun but challenging option with tonnes of different monsters to destroy and maps to travel. Multiplayer might constantly improve the odds, but it makes things more fun. Pass-and-play games might demand bigger parties, but there is no doubt that the arcade action, multiplayer horror games and sci-fi games are excellent for some Halloween fun. Likewise, it’s an ideal chaser for post-viewings of horror comedies like Beetlejuice or Scream.



4. Call Of Duty: Zombies

The Call of Duty series has many ways to eliminate zombie hordes when it comes to zombie games. While the series has its dedicated fanbase, many players like to play it only for Zombies mode. So it’s probably one of the most available on the list. While most prefer the standard Nazi-Zombies maps and modes, there’s truly something to be said for the absurd thing like Zombies In Spaceland as well. It’s a time-honored ritual even among casual players, and driving the dead away never gets old.



5. Left 4 Dead Series – Horror Games

The series of games is an action-packed choice that includes nail-biting gameplay scenarios for those who want a little more extreme than the earlier game. Of course, it’s great to play against each other for scores, but there’s something different about working together against a common threat. These aren’t the usual stumbling zombies either. With several species, types, and special skills, these walkers won’t make things easy for any team of survivors. 



6. Streets Of Red

There are games where players fight for scores, survive an attack of enemies or work together to reach a specific goal. But this beat-em-up is an appreciation to the horror genre that does all the above. Players can paint the town red in infinite ways than one, taking influence from classic arcade games and horror movies. There is one thing to run and hide from virtual monsters, but it’s a lot more enjoyable when players can kick some. Of course, beat-em-up titles are top-rated, but this one stands out incredibly well for this time of year.



7. The Dark Pictures Anthology

Horror films are a massive part of the whole Halloween adventure, and even the gaming business acknowledges that. So while Until Dawn might also be a great choice if gamers are ready to share their controllers, but The Dark Pictures games are perfect for those craving a night of multiplayer movie violence. Little Hope, Man of Medan, and the expected House of Ashes are reasonably a series of playable horror movies that gamers can regulate and determine the consequences and fates of its characters. Every choice has effects, some bloodier than others. Players can’t go back with one of these fascinating titles, from zombies to witches to haunted houses.



Welcome your nightmares and have a spooky good time playing these survival and horror games with your friends.

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