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A game of colossal fun and amusement!

Few months earlier, a team of adept developers kick-off a project with the hope of serving the best to game lovers. Indeed they did so and named the game Cut Drop Strike (CDS). They created a fun-filled game that is somewhat puzzle-based with a perk of brain exercise, especially for kids, as they put in some physics in the game, making it more enjoyable and influential to play. However, there are other teams also involved in making the game terrifically successful, including the testing, artists and marketing team.

In addition, our awe-inspiring creation, i.e., Cut Drop Strike, has achieved a badge of “Teacher Approved,” which means the game application has been highly rated by the teachers, meeting the quality they expect and also satisfying them that the game is not at all going to harm the kids, instead, it will build up some good mental skills in them.

Cut Drop Strike is a casual 2D animation game in which the player has to cut the rope to drop down the ball in such a direction that it will knock the pins and qualify the level. Because of the attractive backgrounds and outstanding sound effects, it can quickly grab the attention of gamers. So, without taking much time, let’s roam on the road to making of the “Cut Drop Strike.”




Things involved in the journey to build the Cut Drop Strike

Not to say that creating a game is not a cinch to do as it includes a lot of coding, animations, designs, strategies, etc., that demands tremendous patience and hard work. Nevertheless, game developer companies come up with some exciting creations for their audience to make them delight and trigger their mania to explore more new games, whether it is an android casual game or some thrilling pc game.

Talking about the Cut Drop Strike, first, we will get to know how this idea came to the developer’s mind to create a hyper-casual game like this. So here is the answer, our senior developer Mr. Subbarao was playing with a simple keychain one day, and that clicked him the idea to make a game using this technique. He turned up his vision into the best casual game.

Later the team of developers discussed this project and started working on it. Initially, it began with paper and pencil (to frame the positions of the ball, hooks, pins, and other props). Technically it is known as a “Prototype” that designs a layout of the game. Thereafter, developers took this to the software and sent it to the tester team to check the working flow of the game, whether going correctly or not. Forwarding to this step, the next step is a Game Design Document that includes art, animation, and sound effects and also embraces some physics of gaming objects like a ball, ropes, explosion of the bomb at the right moment, and other props to move in an exact position and knock the pins.

If we talk about the software on which the developers worked for this project its Unity which is a great tool to create a game with absolute output.



The game comprises three chapters and all of them with different themes and unique props, so one by one, let’s take a quick look at them which are as follows;

Chapter 1: Bowling Theme

The developers initially worked on the fundamental tools like the ball, hooks, pins, and stage without any animation. Following this, they worked on the rope, the core asset of the game around three weeks to get the perfect output, like cutting at the proper angle to drag the ball down and fulfilling the purpose of pins to be fallen, resulting in the completion of that level. The chapter comprises 100 levels, each with different difficulties and fun.

In this chapter the additional features like bomb (used to push things away and make a passage for the ball to drop), brick (to hit the pin or to fill the space for the ball to hit the pins), and shredder (to make player aware the can be destroyed, basically to introduce the difficulties of chapter 2 that the player may face with the watermelon instead of the ball) play as a game asset to grasp the attention.



Chapter 2: Nature Theme

Here in this chapter which is based on a natures theme with the same concept, some new fascinating objects got introduced, such as in place of a ball watermelon is introduced to knock the wooden logs instead of pins, a Balloon to uplift the watermelon and a whole wooden platform or it can also be helpful in the other way to pop it, and watermelon will ultimately drop down to hit the logs at an exact angle. Moreover, there are some spikes as well to raise the difficulty level, like the bursting of balloons and watermelons, both before hitting the logs.

The spikes can be movable and also rotating so that they can burst the watermelon anytime. And there is one Balloon creator that works when the watermelon hits its shell, it becomes a balloon to uplift. Next to this is a Blade that is also mobile from one place to another. And then, a Pipe is there, which rotates to direct the watermelon toward the logs. Finally, a common feature, i.e., the bomb, is also in hand for the explosion to facilitate the step ahead and allow the watermelon to hit the wooden logs, making them fall to complete the level. Like chapter 1, this chapter also contains 100 levels.




Chapter 3: Christmas Theme

Let’s talk about the most recent chapter of the Cut Drop Strike, which is based on the Christmas theme with the same concept of a ball and pins embracing the beauty of snow on every prop and object that steals players’ attention quickly. The snowy backgrounds are captivating enough to compel gamers to go for playing the game. Mainly the features are common in chapter 1 and 2, only the theme got changed, for example, the pins are upgraded with caps and balls containing snow cover, which has made the game more appealing and eye-catching. The chapter contains 50 levels with unique challenges.




Enthralling Game Feel of the Cut Drop Strike

Developers add some creative game feel inside the game to make it more gripping and engrossing. And so, as in Cut Drop Strike, where following are some game feel that upsurge the creativity and enhance the engagement;

  • Stars to hike up the players’ interest in scoring more and more stars
  • Blinking eyes of pins and wooden logs that seem pretty impressive
  • Changing expression of pins and wooden logs when the ball hits them includes dead, faint, scary, and happy
  • Cartoonish effect while collision occurs between two objects
  • Vibration effect while hitting that can be experienced only on mobile
  • Sound and particle effects at the time of the explosion



Let’s not miss to mention the names who diligently worked in making the Cut Drop Strike our rewarding creation

Now its time to honor the people who contributed all their efforts and potential in the goal to take the Cut Drop Strike at the first-rate level and markedly successful that the audience can play this with a great enthu. So, draw your attention below and check out the names of the team members involved in the making of the Cut Drop Strike;

Raghavendran Madhavan (Director of Aavega Interactive), Lokesh Barla (Game Producer), Suneeth Kumar (Associate Game Producer), Subbarao Chitteti (Project Lead), Mohamed Sharif (Game Programmer), G. Ramakrishna (Sr. 2D Game Artist & Concept Artist), Santhosh Aradhya (Sr 2D Animator & Artist), Balasubrahmanyam (Game Designer), Jaganath P (Game Tester), Rahul Deshman (Game Tester), Ashlin Jenifa A L (Marketing Strategist).




The blog is all about the making of our most successful game, Cut Drop Strike, which took almost 3-4 months to be completed. And after releasing this fun-loving game that has stolen the hearts of many with its exclusive art, animations, and functionality, it has achieved high ratings of 4 stars on the Google Play Store along with good reviews.

We at Aavega Interactive, a well-recognized gaming studio offer reliable and scalable services regarding game development, game art and game QA to enhance the experience of our users and meet their expectations.

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