Unraveling the Art of Game Design: Behind the Scenes of Game Development

Be introduced to the unrevealed facts of creating a game!

Being a game lover, you would be crazy about playing new and innovative games. It is the game that enables many people across the world to start earning from online gaming.

Games like PUBG, Super Mario, Genshin Impact, Dave the Diver, Spiderman, etc., are well-liked and preferred games nowadays, and few of them are easily available on Steam, PCs, and Consoles. Doubtlessly, we can watch the integrating charm of online gaming over the past few years, and it seems to be accelerating in the upcoming years.

If we take an example of the most trending game, i.e., PUBG, a Battle Royale-based genre which is developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton. The game is ruling the hearts of millions due to its gameplay and fascinating visuals. At its best, inside the game, maximum hundred players can jump with the help of a parachute onto an island, where they compete for weapons, equipment and try their best to eliminate their enemies to secure a win, aka Chicken Dinner. This storyline has hiked up the gaming craze in many, which is why PUBG is attaining more traction and becoming the favorite of every gamer globally.  

But the thought of getting aware of the facts about how such legendary game is designed and created ever strikes you? Well, if not, then no worries, you will get brief info about all the required steps involved in creating a game in this blog. So without taking too much time, let’s take the eyes on behind the scenes of game development.




Know how exactly the game creation kicks-off

As a gamer, everyone wants a game to play that elevates their amusement to the top tier, making them highly delighted, and this is why game developers keep on working hard to come up with some inventive and extraordinary creations. But only game developers are not enough to build a successful game, i.e., developing a game embraces a few more assets to gain the best and most productive outcome that includes game designers and game artists. Moreover, there is a crucial role of game designers in building a game from scratch to the marketing stage as they are the ones who are responsible for framing and designing any game, making it more appealing. So, game designing is a subset of game development. To understand better, you need to draw your attention below lines describing a little about the assets of game development;

  • Game Designers: A game designer is the one who discovers the concept of the game to be built and also frames the rules.
  • Game Developers: A game developer is the one who works on the game design and takes it to the successful end.
  • Game Artists: A game artist is one who creates art of characters, props, game UI, and background to make the game more captivating. Both 2D and 3D artists work with specific procedures and steps involved, such as 3D modeling, sculpting, rigging, character designing, background designs, story board, concept art, animations, etc., to make the game greatly attractive

With this absolute combination of game development, we can bring up an outstanding game in the market that exhilarates players’ thrill to the next level.

And now, it’s time to move to the steps involved in building a game which are as follows;

  • Discover the concept: Initially, pick out the concept trending in the market and start working on its mechanism and functionality
  • Collect the required information: Gathering authentic information is a tedious task to do as you have to discover which game genre you have decided to create, and thus, accordingly, you need to prepare Game Design Document (GDD)
  • Begin creating: After preparing the brief details document of a new game that is GDD and done with all the essential research, you can now start building the game. And at this step, you can also start grafting the coding script of the game
  • Recheck your concept: Taking help from the Prototype enables you to create a flawless game design as it aids in figuring out any kind of issues so that you can resolve them and go ahead with no problems to enhance user experience. You should make sure that your game must have fine characters, sound effects, settings, and level designs for a better players’ experience
  • Game testing: After rechecking your concept, you need to send your game for the testing round, where the testers will focus on finding out any kind of bug or error that occured in the while creating a game at the programming stage, leading to the negative impact in the gaming market
  • Marketing of the creation: And finally, after completing all the steps successfully, you should start devising the marketing strategy of the finished gaming creation on different platforms, such as building a website, social media, and other forms so that the public can get to know about the newly released game

All the above-discussed steps are crucially important for building any game with good mechanisms and grasping designs to attract massive global traffic and allow your gaming creation to boom in the market.





Here’s a wrap-up with the positive thoughts on game design which is an undetachable part of game development, and how much important it is to create a well-appreciated and lovable game in this era. After reading this blog, you must acquire brief info about the asset of game development and the steps involved that may help you understand the difficulties and hardships while creating any game. Also, a note mentioning that the above departments or steps are high level breakdown. There are other personnel involved for Product, growth, production teams to coordinate and execute the game project to take shape for an optimistic result.

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