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Apart from entertainment no one considers playing video games can benefit us in various ways. It is because from the very beginning, we are told that video games are not good for health and career as they accelerate the chance of weakening of eyesight and concentration that badly affect our physical and mental health. Moreover, earlier it was believed that video games were just for fun and entertainment. However, now the scenario got changed as recent research has shown that playing games can improve your skills and concentration power to a great extent.

Moreover, we can see the benefits of playing video games are very definite and effective. Some of the games like Humankind, Phoenix Point, and Starcraft benefits include cognitive skills upgradation, such as improvement in response time, enhancing mental capability, and good progress in spatial skills, and some other kinds of benefits, such as lowering stress levels, increasing self-esteem, and strengthening prosocial behavior.

All these above improvements are not enough to count as there are several more benefits enlisted that help players build strong and enhanced cognitive skills. In this blog, you will gain deep knowledge about video games and cognitive skills related to them. So, without wasting much time, let’s move to our main topic, which is described below.




Have a quick look at the benefits of playing video games

Undoubtedly, it is hard to believe that video games can also benefit us in various ways regarding our skills and behavior. However, in the research, it was observed that those children who used to play video games for almost 3 or more than 3 hours daily were sharper and faster in performing cognitive tasks than those who had never played games.

Also, researchers have noticed that people with a gaming background have more excellent brain activity than ordinary people. Thus, considering these facts beneath, we have discussed some core points that will ensure that how playing games can improve our cognitive abilities, and these are as follows;

  • Playing 3D video games can enhance our recognition skills and spatial abilities.
  • For those who play action video games, it can upgrade your reaction time with zero reduction in accuracy.
  • Playing a first-person shooter game can also progress your mental potential and increase your flexibility, building a quick response and a better ability in order to switch between tasks and adapt to changes rapidly.
  • If anyone is fond of playing action video games, this can improve spatial abilities, including a few things like spatial resolution, enumeration, visuo-motor coordination, and multiple-object tracking visuo-motor collaboration.
  • Also playing action video games can help in improvising the visual-to-auditory attentional shifting ability, which is essential for many good things like information functioning and reading capacities.

All in all, we can see that playing online video games can offer a variety of cognitive benefits. However, it is essential to note and have to keep in mind that games of different kinds can offer benefits of different levels, which means that a single game can only benefit you by improving some sort of abilities and skills that are aligned with the tasks that are required to perform in it, and thus not a single game will help anyone to improve all aspects of our cognitive skills and performance related to it.

As we have discussed some of the important benefits of video games with respect to cognitive abilities, there are many more areas of improvement from playing video games that we need to explore. So let’s set your eyes on some general advantages of playing video games.




Explore some core effects of playing video games on cognitive behavior

We have noticed that playing games online for many hours is never appreciated much by our elders; the reason behind this is maximum exposure to screens will lead to weaker eyesight issues, and thus, only parents do not allow their children earlier to play more video games. But, as we have seen above, many recent research studies have shown that playing video games will give effective benefits to the player in various aspects such as behavior, personality, vision, cognitive, and others.

Below are some important points that ensures the positive impact of playing games for a good cognitive development, so let’s have a quick look at them;

·         The Role of Game Mechanics in Sharpening Minds:

It’s observed that those who delve more into playing video games have relatively better vision power than those of non-gamers. In addition, we have often seen game lovers look in a state of confusion in real time as they focus more on an essential thing to perform with great success and more ease. Similarly, if we compare problem-solving ability, gamers perform much better than non-gamers. It can be understood that in this era of gamers, the traditional pattern of trial and error has been transformed from textbooks to video games. The reason behind this is there are many video games that teach you to face problems without pre-awareness of the logic involved in the game’s mechanical work that gamers must fetch out and go ahead. The best part about the games, along with game mechanics, is they help players get command of the game controls that build attention ability and enhance their quick response skills.

·         Crafting Engaging Narratives: A Catalyst for Cognitive Development:

Story narration seems to be an art that has the power to make a grip on your thoughts and keeps you engaged unless you quit it. Undoubtedly, listening to any narration enhances your skills and concentration and thus incorporation of engrossing stories helps in stimulating your cognitive abilities. The biggest logic behind this is it affects our neurological process. Let’s understand this in a simple way as when any story is told or listened to our brain starts commanding different tasks that are involved in sensing and responding process. This builds a great and wide experience that locks our entire focus and memory as well.

·         The Future Horizon: Innovations in Gaming for Cognitive Advancement:

With no doubts, that incorporation of brain activities in modern games with advanced technology like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and others leave next level impact on players’ brain that deals with real world environment and thus enhances cognitive abilities such as problem-solving abilities, spatial skills, sensational response skills, etc. These benefits make gaming more innovative and engaging that compel people to go for playing games and improve their skills.



These above points clearly state how playing video games stimulates our cognitive behavior and enhances skills related to it. Moreover, apart from these we have some other common but important benefits of playing games online that are as follows so let’s take a quick look at them;

  • Today, most students prefer learning new things with the help of games instead of the traditional trends of reading books and gaining knowledge with the help of playing video games. It will be helpful to stay relaxed and lower stress levels.


  • Also, playing video games can strike up your self-esteem and enhance your mood, as the tougher the competition you feel in the game, the sharper you become.


  • When we go to play video games that have a team or cooperating requirement with other players, it can help build good relations among players, leading to people’s prosocial behavior.


  • Nowadays, playing video games will directly impact on your health to improve physical-health output in many aspects by motivating people to exercise or by spreading awareness to people about health-related issues.


These general benefits of playing video games will impact human health and the cognitive skills that are required for significant personality. Thus, considering these points, it can be easily understandable that playing video games is not that bad, right?




Wrapping up thoughts that playing video games can aid in various forms of benefits, such as reduction in stress levels, improvement of self-esteem, and enhanced social behavior.

Moreover, cognitive skills are upgraded while playing games due to higher concentration and an increase in analytical power. These benefits have given a positive future to the gaming world as more people will get attracted to this and switch to playing games for a maximum of hours with no fear.

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